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Tai Chi Chuan Yi Quan Chi Gong


Some of the translations of Chi Gong could be Cultivation of the inner body energy or Inner energy practice or Stimulation and Maintenance of the human body inner alchemy.

It is practiced as part of the traditional Chinese medicine, as an integral part of practice and study of Martial Arts, as an every-day therapeutic method in the hospitals of the traditional Chinese medicine, as a part of the Chinese people tradition in the parks, yards, schools…

For any human activity, a person must have enough energy, strength, be healthy, and Chi Gong is an ancient traditional way of stimulating all organs, stretching joints and tendons, throwing out negative emotions and pathogenic elements from the body, of reinforcing the energetic exchange between the body energies and the Universe.

It strengthens the blood circulation, it increases the feeling of control of the balance of the axe of symmetry between the top of the head and feet, and what’s more – has no side effects.

It is practiced in China for centuries for maintenance and reinforcement of health and thirst for life in freedom and health!

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