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My name is Petar Ilic and I am a researcher and lover of the true martial sciences with almost twenty-year experience. Being a great follower and lover of the old ways of training, I committed myself to research, practice and teaching of Yi Quana, Tai Chi Chuana i Chi Gonga. I work as an instructor of these disciplines in the club "Tai-čigong".

Yi Quan (formerly known as Dachengquan) has its origins in the teachings of Mr. Wang Xianghsai and his teacher Mr. Gu Yushin. I learned Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong from Mr. Mario Topolsek. Also, I have explored the traditional Chinese medicine that is inseparable from martial arts, i.e. martial science.

I started teaching in 1997, when Mr. Topolsek moved to Prague. At that moment, I became one of the two people who raised that school to its current level.

Some of the places where I worked as Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong instructor are:

- School “Sveti Sava”, in the late nineties
- Gym of the Faculty of Medicine, in the late nineties
- ATS, in the late nineties
- SC “Tasmajdan”
- Gym in the 79, Svetozara Markovica Street
- School “Radojka Lakic” - Ballet studio “Orchestra”
- Studio “Maximus” in Novi Sad
- Pancevo - School “Josif Pancic” in Banovo Brdo
- School “Drinka Pavlovic”
- Aged care home in Pljesevicka Street in Karaburma
- SC “Olimp”
- German consulate

In 1999, in the Kalemegdan park near “Planetarijum”, I offered free trainings every day at noon. It was my response to the bombing and mobilization of my friend from the club.

Some of the places where I worked as Uechi Ryu Karate instructor are:

- School “Sinisa Nikolajevic”
- Community office of the Block 70 in Novi Beograd
- Kindergarten in Novi Beograd

I have attended more than 25 seminars in Serbia and abroad. And I have participated in the organization of more than 20 of them.


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