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Mr. Wang Xiangzai, from his book “Central pivot of the way of the fist”:

The master-disciple system is praised as something beautiful and full of virtue. But in our country even best things become deviated and degenerated. This is especially true in martial arts circles. Students think that if they don’t swear loyalty to master, they will not be able to learn secrets. Teachers, when student has not undergone the ceremony, think that such student is not close enough to them to be taught the real stuff. This is typical practice. This is really awful!

Even not saying about those whose knowledge of the art is shallow. They have nothing valuable, what could be kept secret then? But even if someone has something valuable, keeping it secret leads to fall of the essence of martial art. There are such people who keep secrets even inside their school, and don’t teach it to any of their students. I can’t understand this. This is the worst behavior. This is why martial art is so obscure. […]

[…] And science is common property from beginning of times.

We all live under one sky, in rays of the same sun. How can there be secrets in science? Such behavior is beyond contempt.

I don’t call myself a master. What is important is appreciating the spirit, the feelings, and not concentrating on names and titles. I’m teaching real stuff. Although I don’t call myself a master, those who benefit from my teaching are treating me as a master. The empty title disappeared, but the essence remained. Has been anything lost?

And if someone is deceiving people teaching weird styles and stupid theories, and someone will go through ceremony, will bow to him and swear loyalty, calling him a master, and then will find about the absurdness of his teaching, and will start hating him, where will be the master? Only empty title will remain and the essence will disappear.

When there appears division for a master and disciple, there come concepts of respected authority and subordinated follower. Even when student sees mistakes in his master’s teachings, he is afraid to offend him and question his authority, so he will not say about it. Or if he will talk to master about it, master will feel offended, will fear that his authority would be in danger, he will rather admonish student and not correct his own mistakes. About what essence of martial art could we talk then? We can see that the master-disciple system is not beneficial for martial art.

[…] Sectism starts from the master-disciple system.

If student makes progress, he has master in fact. But if he bows three thousand times and says the word master eight hundred times, but is not making progress, where is the master? What is the meaning of titles then?

You should know that science is the secrets of nature and nature is our common teacher. So I postulate rejecting the master-disciple system. This is my opinion.

Mr.Wang Xiangzhai

I agree completely with everything mentioned above!


These are citations from the book Zhan Zhuang by Mr. Wang Xiangzai: The main goal of mind activity is focusing spirit, stabilizing and tranquilizing mind. So mind activity is a process of curbing disturbing thoughts, […] it is entering the state of tranquillity. The principle of mind activity is that the imagined objects and situations induce feeling of lightness, relax, comfort, bringing pleasant, happy mood, so you are avoiding tension and worry.

1. Relaxation
One method is the natural feeling of relax, by using method of as smile, but not smile, as if urinating but not urinating – the degree of the state of body relaxation. In another method you relax your body conscientiously – head, torso, hips, legs, and toes... Those who find this difficult can use even simpler method of gradual relaxation. Start with the head, then back, then one arm, then the other, then waist, buttocks, one leg, other leg, joint by joint until the top of the toes and then start again with your face. First eyes, then nose, mouth (you can keep it open in order to relax the face muscles), neck, breasts, heart, all internal organs and genitals, then legs, front side, until the top of the toes.

2. Listening to a distant sound
Usually you start from listening to a close sound, gradually more and more distant, a very slight sound from very distant source. You shouldn’t be impatient. You shouldn’t listen firmly to some sound, but rather to slight sounds from various distances in unlimited space.

3. Bath in a stream
Imagine that you are lying in water, temperature of which makes you feel comfortable. Whole body is surrounded by water. Water is flowing in direction from head toward feet.

4. Shower
Imagine that you are taking shower. Temperature of water gives you comfortable feeling. Water is flowing on surface of your body, from head to feet. Listen to the sound of water flowing and water drops falling on the floor.

5. Half of body in water
Imagine that lower part of body is in water. Its temperature gives you comfort. Experience this feeling.

6. Standing in water
Imagine that you are standing in water. Its temperature gives you comfortable feeling. Water is lightly hitting your body from different sides and your body is naturally following the movement of water.

7. Rooting
Imagine that you are as if a thousand years old tree, standing stable, as if roots of the tree were reaching deep underground. Hurricane will not move you.

8. Wading in mud
Imagine that you are walking, your feet moving through mud. Its temperature gives you comfortable feeling. Mud is giving resistance to your movement and you are walking very slowly.

9. Stepping on cotton

Imagine that your feet are resting on a soft layer of cotton - wool. Once and again slightly shift weight to the left and to the right.

10. Leaning against something
Imagine that you are resting, when your back, buttocks, legs are leaning against something soft and comfortable. Body is light and relaxed, without any effort.

11. Suspension
Imagine that some of your hair is tied to a tree branch. Keep the hair slightly stretched but don’t let it break. Whole spirit is focused on top of your head.

12. Propping
Imagine that your both arms are resting on a balustrade or on balloons filled with air and floating on surface of water.

13. Returning sight and watching inside
You can use this method when it is difficult to get rid of disturbing thoughts. Observe your whole body, checking if you are keeping the feeling of lightness, relax and comfort everywhere. If you notice that some part of body is not relaxed, without feeling of comfort, consciously relax it. This way your spirit, mind are directed toward inside of body. When you repeat continuously this experiencing of relax and comfort in whole body, there is no need to fight with disturbing thoughts, and they disappear naturally.

14. Following what is happening
When there appear many disturbing thoughts and it is difficult to get rid of them, just follow it naturally. Don’t fight with the thoughts which are coming, don’t stop those which are leaving. Think of yourself as a vast sea, and of thoughts as of waves. Although wind creates waves, it doesn’t disturb the sea. When wind is ceasing, waves disappear. This way, without trying to control thoughts you are controlling them.

15. Attracting
If it is difficult to control thoughts, you can use method of attracting. Imagine that you are a furnace and thoughts are dry leaves. Strong thoughts are leaves which are falling into furnace and are burning. This way mind becomes open, strong, bad thoughts disappear naturally.

16. Concentrating and dispersing
When practitioner achieves some basics and is able to experience comfortable feeling of relax during exercise, he can sometimes concentrate this feeling in some part of body and then again expand it to whole body. This concentrating and expanding can be repeated many times. This way not only the whole is trained, but it has positive effects to the part which needs healing.

17. Calm watching
Imagine that you are standing, sitting or lying in a beautiful place and you are feeling comfortably. You are calmly watching blue see, bright moon or other beautiful view. You are achieving pleasant mood and gradually entering the state of forgetting yourself.

18. Unity of man and nature
Imagine that you are standing, sitting or lying in a beautiful place, feeling comfortably. You can feel that the air is embracing your body. Gradually you can feel that body and air are one. You feel extremely comfortably, as if floating in the air, entering the state of forgetting yourself.


On preparations for exercise – practitioners have to be mentally ready for exercise, for standing positions, before the beginning of the training. They should be lightly dressed, belts, ties, shirts should be loosened, and the temperature should be comfortable – outfit in accordance with the season.

Practice should be gradual. There shouldn’t be haste, and there shouldn’t be hesitating.

Time of practice should be adjusted according to patient’s situation. Usually people in relatively good condition can start from 10 minutes. If condition is worse, patient can start from 5 minutes. Then time of practice should be prolonged. It can be prolonged gradually (e.g. from 5 to 6-7 minutes), or by longer steps (e.g. from 10 to 20 minutes). Patient can practice 2-3 times every day, not more than 5 times. Time of single exercise and frequency of practice should be decided by checking if the feeling of comfortable force and interest don’t disappear. Practice shouldn’t cause too much burden. The principle is no tiredness. Only this way feeling of comfort in whole body, free blood circulation, cultivating spirit and strengthening body can be achieved.

During exercise there can appear feeling of pain, numbness, increased secretion of saliva, yawning, hiccup, fear, pricing or itching, prickling, feeling of warmth, increased sweating and other feelings and reactions. Sometimes feeling of aching, pricking or itching appears in area of old injuries. These are normal reactions. After some time they disappear. Finally state of great relax and comfort is achieved, as if not having body, but yet having clear consciousness of body. It is followed by improving health and curing illnesses.

Those patients, who practiced methods including control of breath and focusing on dantian, should reject those methods when starting zhan zhuang practice. Because there are contradictions between these methods, it is not advisable to use them simultaneously. Otherwise, not only it will be difficult to achieve good effects, but there can also appear difficult breathing, dizziness and other side effects.

Patient should have trust in the method, practicing diligently, developing belief in possibility of acting, the spirit of revolutionary optimism. At the same time he should obey doctor’s instruction, not stopping practice, not giving up. This way he will be able to achieve positive results.

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