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Tai Chi Chuan Yi Quan Chi Gong


Tai Chi Chuan is an old Chinese martial art, which once consisted of only three movements, or, as they used to be called, three fists or “Old Three Cuts”. Tai Chi Chuan forms came later, as simplified methods of practice. Tai Chi Chuan serves mostly today as a therapeutic skill. It is completely independent of age, sex, strength and fitness. Its martial aspects are attained only by the most persistent ones. Nevertheless, therapeutic parts of this art cannot be denied and its benefits are important.

The practice of Tai Chi Chuan invigorates blood and energy circulation and brings relaxation to your mind and body. You attain peace which is a completely natural human state, when your attention and conscience are focused on the inside (the inside of the body, and it is not thinking, but a conscious feeling of what you have and are inside of you).
You attain flexibility of joints, blood vessels and muscles which are activated in a completely natural way – they are stretched and agile. Muscles are not being contracted, they don’t use unilateral strength which damages the blood circulation and increases acid in blood. There are no muscle contractions which damage organs, making them weak and die out with time (as with people who do body-building). It is the reason why people who practice other martial arts for decades, because of the wrong way of practice, end up with a totally stiff, closed, blocked and often sick body! From the point of human potentials, it is a great loss, with lot of wasted time.

Today, millions of people in the world practice Tai Chi as a natural method of prevention of diseases, as part of the therapy, as recreation…

Today, when there is more and more incurable and serious diseases, when people live faster and when they are more exposed to stress, there is a much greater interest for Tai Chi Chuan, of both individuals and institutions who study benefits of this ancient art. It teaches us how to preserve, and how not to waste the vital energy of the body, so Tai Chi Chuan is more and more used as a supplement to the existing therapy, mostly in the East, but in the recent years more and more as well in the hospitals in the West.

At the Institute for the physical culture in Beijing were conducted researches on the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan on a larger group of people of different professions, even sportsmen, who were under stress. Recordings of the brain waves showed that, after only five minutes of practice, frequency of the brain waves reached 7-10 Hz which is a perfectly calm and relaxed state as with people who are in profound sleep, which is invaluable for health. Further research showed that every-day practice leads to the synchronization of the left and right parts of the brain, which is a very important for health as a prevention of brain strokes, Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.

Everyone has a body which can be more trained, good health which should be maintained, or a disease that can be treated with Tai Chi.

The form I teach is the Wudang form, which appeared before there were divisions to styles and forms in Tai Chi Chuan and which is very demanding and interesting form for practice, more that thousand years old, and very difficult for mastering.

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